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Mokssh Wines, the flagship brand of Living Liquidz. Born of the highest quality grapes from Nashik, Mokssh is know for its exquisite taste and a rich aromatic experience. Made under the trained guidance of of an internationally renowned vintner. Mokssh is a treat for the palate

Some say it truly is Nirvana!!!

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Awards and Achievements

Gold Medal For Mokssh Raya Sangiovese 2013 at the IWCCA 2015, All Things Nice
Silver Medal For Mokssh Luv Nero D'avola 2013 at the IWCCA 2015, All Things Nice
Bronze Medal For Mokssh Merlot 2013 at the IWCCA 2015, All Things Nice


Our winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi

has his roots from the Friuli region located in the north-east of Italy. Having travelled across the globe to many wine regions like Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Asia, he has gained extensive knowledge and immense international experience of over 25 years in viticulture and winemaking.


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